Our therapy space is a comfortable and compassionate ground where you can open up with someone who is right for you. Our therapists are from four major mental health specializations, Psychiatry, Psychiatric Social Work, Clinical Psychology, and Psychiatric Nursing, the professionals recognized under the Mental HealthCare Act, 2017. Each therapist is qualified in a variety of therapeutic models of therapy and care as a mandate by the Government of India. The training has exposed them to a range of mental health issues by the virtue of training at clinical setting in Mental Health Establishments and will use their knowledge and expertise to give you the best intervention.

The therapists are equipped and trained to work with men and women, children and adolescents, families, and communities. They demonstrate sensitivity when they work with people with diversity especially when interacting with people with disabilities, LGBTIQ, and culturally variant. They are equipped to address psychosocial rehabilitation and mental wellness. You need to browse through the therapist’s expertise and decide on who will the best choice for your needs, strengths, and personality. At times, you may choose more than one therapist for your family. If you are not finding one or are having difficulty finding a good fit, you can just pick up the phone and connect with us. We are there to assist you. Trust the therapeutic process and we will make your journey meaningful. You are in safer hands as our therapists are supervised. They work on themselves resolving their own issues that come in the way of interacting with you. They are guided in their practice and they build competencies, experiential knowledge, and advance practice skills through peer learning. They abide by the data protection policy and the ethical guidelines making your sharing confidential, private, and trustworthy.

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