AMITA is a tele-mental health intervention and psychotherapy platform that brings together a comprehensive range of services starting from online consultations to therapy sessions accessible from any part of the world. A one-stop destination for mental health services, it is equipped with a database of certified mental health professionals qualified to assist you with a variety of mental health and wellness issues.

Mental Health Interventions & Psychotherapy For Individuals, Couples & Families

Resolve emotional issues and improve your mental health and sense of well-being, all in a supportive and safe space.

Areas Of Expertise

Our services are tailored to meet the needs of the clients . Whether you need one to one , group, couple or familiy therapy – we are happy to help you.

Pregnancy, often associated with happiness, can also be one of the most stressful periods for a couple. Our therapists are equipped to address concerns/anxieties related to planning pregnancy, duration of pregnancy and post child birth. Learn more

Children face a variety of issues in their growing-up years, namely bullying, coping with studies, making friends, etc. Counseling can help in the identification and resolution of behavior problems in younger children such as excessive aggression, hyperactivity, anxiety, etc. Learn more

Teenage brings a different kind of stressors in the form of physical and emotional changes. Addressing emotional issues early on can prevent anxiety and depression-related problems. Learn More

Our Psychiatric and Neuro Nurses are available on call to provide you services at your home.  Be it providing injections or helping you with home care, they are well informed and always ready to make your experience with your loved one easier and simpler.  They are calm and smiling. Learn more

Life transitions can be a source of problems such as anxiety and depression. Our therapists can help you manage stress and improve your overall sense of well-being. Learn more

Marriage or co-habitation involves unique challenges of its own. Difficulty in communication, over/under involvement, unclear boundaries can threaten relationships. Our therapists can help you learn how to face and cope with the challenges in intimate relationships. Learn more

Gender is more than just being a ‘girl/woman’ or ‘boy/man’. Concerns and confusion about gender and sexuality often go unaddressed when we don’t know who to talk to or there is a fear of talking about it. AMITA is a safe space to address concerns related to gender identity and sexuality. Learn more

Addictions come in various forms, ranging from alcohol, drugs to technology. Therapists at AMITA can help you/your loved one understand and deal with the underlying issues and learning new coping skills to effectively manage addiction. Learn more

Life transitions, lack of communication, miscommunication, and boundary conflicts are some of the issues that families face. Professional help can make a significant difference in establishing effective communication patterns, boundaries, etc. Learn more

Age brings with it changes in the body, mind, and situation. Therapists at AMITA can help you learn new skills to maintain and manage these physical, emotional, and situational changes. Learn more

Distressing events like the loss of loved ones, accidents, disasters, rape can break down our defenses. It is important to seek professional help to come to terms the strong emotions like grief, anguish, loss during such situations. Learn more

AMITA extends it’s mental health services for COVID support. Our professionals can assist you with issues such as COVID anxiety, trauma related to loss of loved ones, survivors’ guilt etc. Learn more

What clients say about us?

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Have you ever wondered what the problem may be living with the constant fear of the symptoms you face?  Many people suffer silently trying to figure out the problem before deciding to seek the services.  Here is an empowering tool that generates differential diagnosis using next-generation AI.  The objective is to empower people through inclusive and affordable diagnosis with reduced medical errors to people across geographies and ethnic groups that suit different settings such as communities, institutions, and health.

Answer a few questions and empower your knowledge of what might be causing your symptoms.

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Upcoming Events

Moving Forward

Book Review Club Initiative

Interested to read and present books on mental health issues? We are opening the registration. Let’s work collectively for a great cause. Registration is open for volunteers to review and present any book on mental health that is of interest. You can also suggest the book you want to be reviewed. Volunteer with us, as a reviewer. Come join us in our little space filled with love and compassion to discuss mental health issues. Free up your calendar and join us every third Sunday of the month, 6.30 to 7.30 pm.

Support Group

Group Grief Intervention

We have been conducting rounds of orientation and training sessions on mental health and counseling. One of the areas of focus is grief. We move a step forward and are working with those who have experienced grief in COVID times using evidence-based group intervention for grief. Harnessing grief empathy, we will harness guided peer learning within closed group interaction over the next three months.

Got Questions?

Most frequent questions and answers

Are you feeling lonely, depressed or unable to cope with things around you? Do you think you need a change – in yourself or your surroundings ? Are you confused about life in general?

AMITA helps you resolve such questions and more. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that are difficult to cope with. Professional help at the right time can go a long way in resolving these issues. Do look through our FAQs which may help answer some of your questions about counselling and therapy. You can also write to us at [email protected] with any queries and we will get back to you.

Therapy often referred to as psychotherapy or counseling, helps people in resolving the difficult situations they are facing in life. People often face stressful situations because of personal, professional, or relationship reasons. When you find it difficult to manage and need to change behavior or learn new skills- therapy helps. It helps in resolving problematic beliefs, feelings, and behavior, relationship issues, dealing with stressful situations, loss, and learning new skills.

Anyone who is finding it difficult to manage in any space, be it with friends, family , work etc. can seek therapy to help themselves feel better.

AMITA is all about brief, focused therapies.
Our therapists are from varied backgrounds who have undergone supervised clinical training. Their areas of expertise and descriptions are given in the section “Therapist Team” under the “About U” section.
You can go through the descriptions and chose a therapist you can relate to.

The exact nature and length of the therapy often depends on the kind of problems that you bring in to the sessions.
Change also depends on your commitment to the process which also determines the length of therapy.

A wide varity of issues can be addressed in therapeutic/ counselling situations.
Academic Pressures/Stressors
Adjustment Issues
Caregiver Stress
Counselling for Children and Youth
Emotional difficultities
Financial Stress
Family Violence
Grief and Loss
Health-related issues
Low Self-Esteem
Marital Issues
Mental Health Disorders
Pregnancy -related Issues
Parental Concerns/Stress
Pre-Marital Issues
Relationship Problems
Relocation Stress
Sexual Issues
Suicidal Ideas/ Death Wishes
Separation and Loss
Trauma Counselling

AMITA has trained and experienced therapists. If you go to “About Us” section, under “Therapist Team” you will find a list of therapists working with us and their details. You can see their expertise and contact a person who you think can address your issues best.
Or you can write/ mail/talk to us and we will help you make an informed decision.

Yes, any relationship goes through different stages. Every time there is a change in the situation, partners may need to adapt and make a change.
Whether it is the early part of learning to live together, or issues/ conflicts which arise at a later stage- it is not always possible to manage on your own.
A trained therapist helps in addressing communication issues, problem-solving, sexual issues/difficulties as well as conflict resolution.

Children often express any difficulty that they are facing through aggression. Loneliness, depression, academic or any other adjustment difficulties are often expressed through aggression or withdrawal. There are times that children find it difficult to communicate with their parents. That does not necessarily make you a ‘bad’ parent. A trained therapist can assist you and your child to figure out the issues that they are facing and how to deal with them.

People often say that they can stop whenever they want to whether it is their dependency on alcohol, drugs, social media or technology. This is not completely true. Addictions have emotional and bodily consequences. Therefore, people need help in getting rid of their addictions and replacing them with better-coping skills.
A therapist guides/ assists/supports you in going through this difficult process of de-addiction.

AMITA provides a safe space for everyone. Therapists here are warm, empathic and non-judgemental. All information about the clients is kept confidential.
There are only a few situations (under the Mental Health Act, 2017) where information may be shared-
(1) To improve the therapeutic process (while maintaining client anonymity).
(2) Ensure safety of the client
(3) Public Safety and Security

Each session will be around 45-60 minutes.

While we discourage sudden cancellations as slots are kept specifically for clients, we understand that sometimes there are emergencies. Please check our Cancellation/ Refund Policy for more details regarding the same.

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